The original TV series was in the late seventies and early eighties, of course, and Battlestar Galactica will be fondly remembered by many as setting a fashion stamp for the time.

The franchise also scored a big success with a new TV miniseries that aired in 2003. The series became a huge hit, and beacame a very popular award-winningshow, watched by over 14 million people between 2004 and 2009.

What's The Plot?

adama battlestarThis is a sci-fi show (pretty obvious, that one) about a group of humans (earth's last survivors) fleeing across the galaxies, while being hunted down by the Cylons, who have smashed their civilisation on the Twelve Colonies.

All Battlestar Galactica storylines are built on the fact that in a far way corner of our galaxy, a human civilization has grown across a planetary system called  the Twelve Colonies, to which they have mad their own, having moved from their ancient home planet of Kobol. The Twelve Colonies have been at war for decades with a cyborg race called the Cylons, whose aim is to snuff out the human race.

The Cylons offer a peace deal to the humans, which proves to be a trick. With the help of a human traitor called Baltar the Cylons raze  the Twelve Colonies to the ground and destroy much of the Colonial Fleet of starships that defend them. They destroy the Colonies, and decimate the human population.

Survivors from this great war flee into outer space headed by the Battlestar Galactica, a huge battleship and spacecraft carrier that is the only surviving battleship following the Cylon attacks. Lead by Commander Adama, the Battlestar Galactica and her Viper fighters lead search for the Thirteenth Colony that is know in legends as "Earth".

The show stars Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell and Jamie Bamber.

The Story in More Detail

The 2nd war against the Cylons is over and The Twelve Colonies are in ruins.

Commander Adama of the Battlestar Galatica and President Laura Roslin head up a motley crew of refugees in a quest for the legendary lost thirteenth colony, Earth. However, danger lurks at every turn.

As well as having to deal with the Cylons hunting them down and attacking the fleet in space, infiltrators carry out an insideous plot using pawn Gaius Baltar.

And to cap it all, they have to deal with their internal squabble and power grabbing. They are human after all. Tom Zarek creates havoc within the mini society.